Automomy Pack 15'

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You have already flown at zerOGravity and would like to become a proflyer?

This 15 min flight pack (six 2’30’’ flights in one session) will allow you to learn to fly on your own.

Followed by a personalised debriefing with your instructor in the proflyer debrief room.

Optional: keep the videos from your flights – bring a usb stick with you and download them during debriefing.


  • Enter / exit the flight chamber on your own
  • Fly up / down
  • Turn right / left
  • Ability to belly fly safely

Join the OG Flyers community!

Price: €290

6 months validity from the purchase date.

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Shipping option available on all flight vouchers (except group vouchers, and return package)

By standard postal mail, for France only.

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Consulter les contre-indications à la pratique du vol en soufflerie ici.

Where to find us?

zerOGravity, 2bis avenue du Futuroscope, 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France
We are located in front of Futuroscope amusement park main entrance. Free private parking for our visitors

I have booked, what's next?
  1. Book online and receive your flight vouchers by email, for a gift or yourself. You can also book your timeslot directly before proceeding to the payment.
  2. Check-in at front desk 1 hour prior to your scheduled flight hour
  3. Make sure you wear some comfortable clothes (sport clothes or jean/basket). Heels and open shoes prohibited. We are providing all the necessary gear for flying (suit, helmet, ear protection, goggles).
  4. Smile and enjoy your flight experience!